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Information Governance Program Evaluation
Would you be interested in knowing how your current program meets industry standards? We can assist you with a thorough review of your existing recordkeeping policies, procedures and systems using ARMA International’s Information Governance Assessment tool and give you a scorecard with the results of how your program measures up to the Generally Accepted Recordkeeping Principles®.

Program Updating / Development
Your GARP® scorecard can then be used as a baseline for strategic planning and continuous improvement. We will guide to through the process of addressing gaps in your program, both immediate and long term, so you can quickly realize benefits while planning for the future. 

Change Management Facilitation
Once you have the policies and procedures that work for your business we can assist you in the process of implementing them.

Technological Evaluation & Implementation. 
We are dedicated to the principle that Information Technology is a tool to increase the efficacy of a well-planned business process. Do you need an Electronic Document Management System? We can assist you in the process of evaluating, selecting and implementing the system that is right for you!

Information Governance cannot function without people that understand its importance to their own daily business process. We offer a variety of training options to suit your organization’s needs from webinars and onsite workshops to custom designed Learning Management System modules. We will work with you to ensure your staff understands your Information Governance program and their role in it.